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New construction or Resale home

A new home which is freshly constructed has good quality control standards maintained via building permits, newer construction techniques and latest, modern and better energy efficienct materials than many older homes. They often carry around 2 year Tarrion warranty and good flexible financing options. The downside is that while they are easy to get into, it is very difficult to sell them for a few years especially if the builder is still in the community selling similar homes, and the final price is often higher than an older home (though they usually require very little up-front downpayment and many builders will give thousands of dollars of upgrades and incentives like low downpayments, deffered payments, free parking, free locker or free assignment clause). For new homes the neighborhood will not be established, there will be very few shade trees like in an older neighborhood, and it will have more of a open feel. If you like new and shiny things, then the clean fresh smell of a new home will be your choice. Resale homes are owned by homeowners who want to sell their homes to either upgrade, down size or relocate. They have been seasoned over the period of time and may be better constructed than newer homes. Some people like the fact that resale homes have the charm and history of having been lived in and in fact, many buyers think that a new home is cold if it hasn't been lived in. Their age gives them respectability, and they are in established neighborhoods with tall trees and established neighbors who may have been living there for sometime and schools. These are for people who like established neighborhoods. They are much easier to sell soon after you buy one as there is demand for every polished neighborhood. Resale homes may not appeal to category of people who like being the first in a home or who want one built especially for them as per their taste.

 Which one do you like better - New or Existing? People who like one may not like the other, though there are many exceptions who like both and look for a good deal. Whether its new home or resale call Witty Singh (647) 274 7572 

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