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Investing In Canada Real Estate

Property Investment Tips For The Newcomer's to Investing In Canada Real Estate


You think you are interested in real estate investing? You need some real estate investing tips to get you started in the right direction. With the right guidance You can learn how to invest intelligently and make yourself some extra money in the process in any kind of economy.


Property investing is all about finding the right property that will work the best for you based on your goals. Things that make up the right property can differ from investor to investor and depend on your specific needs and expecations.


You can buy properties by researching distress and power of sale at the www.wittysingh.com or by calling Witty Singh at (647) 274 7572. Trying to get power of sale an in-experienced agent can be areal pain. The bank will drown you in paperwork  and even if you do everything right they may still take a long time in approving your request or go back and forth number of times. Power of sale are not a quick way to get into the investment game.


When looking at ads in the paper, find properties to buy with ads that say, "motivated seller" or other phrases that mean the same thing. You can probably work out a really good deal on these properties.


When you find a property do your due diligence and research it thoroughly. Get an inspection and appraisal done. You do not want to buy a money pit at any cost. You want to buy a place that you can put a minimal amount of money into and fix it up quickly for a good return on your investment. 


The sooner you can get your newly acquired property fixed up and on the market, the sooner you can get a tenant into the property and start getting a regular monthly cash flow. Getting a regular monthly cash flow is the bottom line for any investor and this can really turn a profitable deal into a dead deal.


Other property investment tips include contacting your local real state agent to assist you in finding comps of other properties in the area where you want to buy. Comps are basically the average price of what other properties in the area are selling for or are worth either on same street or in neighborhood. A real estate agent can also tell you if they think the property is a good investment and recommend a good inspector and appraiser you can trust.


You obviously have to have money before you can be a real estate investor but, if you do not have the money to buy properties there are ways to get the money that you need to be aware of for more details call Witty Singh @ (647) 274 7572 


One way is to borrow the money from a lending institution or private lenders. The lending critera for both private lender and banks does vary based on current market conditions and their motivation to offer mortgage products.


Another way to get the money to invest in real estate is to find a secondary investor, basically a partner. The arrangement can also be done where they put up the money and you do the work and then you split the profits.


Third option is to find what's called a hard money lender. They have no interest in the property and require the money to be paid back in a certain amount of time with interest. A hard money lender may be hard to find but worth they're weight in gold when you do find one you can work with.


These are property investment tips you should follow when first learning how to become and investor and be successful in real estate world

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